Széchenyi Special Prize 2021 for Óvártej

The special prize of the SZECHENYI COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2021 was won by Óvártej Zrt. The company was represented at the award ceremony by HR Manager Ágnes Amrein and Chief Accountant Anett Novák-Csoknyai.

For the seventh time, the „SZECHENYI COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2021” award was presented at the Hungarian National Museum on 21 September 2021, on the 230th anniversary of the birth of István Széchenyi. The patron of ‘Széchenyi Company of the Year 2021’ award is Dr. István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture.

The event was hosted by Attila Tisza, secretary of the Foundation, who greeted the gathering. Tímea Széchenyi, the president of the foundation, said: ‘István Széchenyi repeatedly emphasizes in his works that the recovery of the Hungarian economy cannot be achieved by changing external circumstances, but rather by exploiting the possibilities inherent in them, by satisfying real needs according to the needs of consumers. It is no different in the 21st century.’

The award is based on three areas of business performance: productivity, social responsibility and innovation.