Developments and Green Programme

In 2021, we will make a series of investments to increase production capacity, using the most modern technologies – ensuring high quality products that are healthy and meet the highest food safety standards, while respecting our natural environment and working in the best possible working environment.

The milk collection laboratory, the ice-water system, the reverse osmosis thickening plant and the company’s own wastewater treatment plant are also included in the short- and medium-term development programme of Óvártej Zrt., project manager Zsolt Hencz reported. „The building engineering works of the new milk collection laboratory are already underway, the new complex with a floor area of 170 square metres will allow for more ergonomic working conditions and we will also create a rest room for drivers,” he says.

At the same time, work is already underway on the third mozzarella plant. The steel structure of the Mosonmagyaróvár plant is already in place and the sandwich panels will soon be in place and the resin flooring can begin. 

„Preparations for the new ice water system are well underway. We have also started the construction of the electrical infrastructure for the 2000 kilowatt cooling capacity network,” continues Zsolt Hencz, who also reports that the structural design of the new 245 square metre reverse osmosis plant has been completed. „With this, we will be able to achieve energy savings of 30 to 40 percent, in addition to a significant increase in capacity,” the project manager said. 

The medium-term plans of Óvártej Zrt. include the construction of its own wastewater treatment system. The development, which is still in the preparatory phase, could be carried out in several phases. After the construction of the necessary structures, the physico-chemical pre-treatment unit would be commissioned, followed by the installation of the biological treatment equipment. A proprietary system producing drinking water quality is one of the main objectives of the medium-term green programme of the company.