Cheese Maker

Join one of the cheese manufacturer companies with the oldest tradiotions in Hungary. 
Currently we are awaiting candidates for the following positions.

Cheese maker

Due to the development of the company we are looking for a new colleague.

What will be your responsibilities?
  • Handling, supervising and cleaning of cheese-processing tanks
  • Completing the tasks required to make different kind of cheese at a specified time.
  • Keeping contact with pasteurizer staff and production
  • Carrying out tests during production and other testing
  • At the end of production, carrying out the necessary cleaning of the work area and preparing it for new production
  • Managing accurate documentation
How can you fill this position?
  • With a vocational qualification
  • With computer knowledge
  • By undertaking a 3-shift work schedule
  • With reliable and accurate work
Why should you join us
  • Attractive package of benefits (mobile salary, bonus for enrollment, cafeteria, support for commuting to work, Christmas bonus)
  • Experienced colleagues will help you during your apprenticeship
  • You can meet new, modern equipments and technologies
  • Small family community
  • Long-term job opportunity, stable company background
Place of work:

Mosonmagyaróvár, Alkotmány u. 15.

Apply today, it really is a great opportunity!

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